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About us

Why TrashLogic?

We are the only waste solution that solves all of your on-site trash problems. Your property saves money and provides a cleaner,  more sustainable community for your residents. Recycling and Composting Laws, Regulations and Mandates are a reality today and every year the requirements will become more extensive and more strict. Frankly, we all need to do our part to take care of the planet not only for us but for generations to come. Reducing Waste is at the top of that agenda.


Our Services

What is the Purpose?

Recycling and composting laws are becoming more stringent. Local mandates can result in major fines and unexpected costs for a property. Every year the requirements will become more extensive and enforcement becomes more severe.  Reducing waste, saving time and reducing your cost is at the top of of our agendath.

The only one-stop solution for multifamily and commericial properties is TrashLogic.

So How Can TrashLogic Help?

The way TrashLogic achieves these goals for you is by completely taking over your waste program. We are the experts. We know what is required, how to engage your residents and who to call in any given scenario. Our porters will provide janitorial services 6 days a week to your trash areas and arrange for your bulk items to be removed while our Hauler Desk works with your contracted hauler to manage the relationship. Never call in a missed pickup again.

Why Should You Care?

The issue for Property Managers is this… How do you control and influence the waste behaviors of your residents? It seems like a constant battle to meet the required diversion rates and keep it simple enough for your residents to understand? Plus, keeping trash off the ground and sorted correctly is a hassle that your maintenance team shouldn’t have to deal with.

You focus on your residents and we will take care of your waste.

What Do We Do Now?

All you have to do is say “Yes!” Yes, we want to be environmentally responsible. Yes, we want to provide an easy way for our tenants to comply with current laws.
Yes, we want to focus on our business and let someone else focus on trash. If you are ready to SAY YES…
just call (888) 384-3131 and one of our team members will get you started on your way.


Our Team

With over 25 years of combined industry experience in hauling, waste reduction, waste diversion, recycling programs, doorstep trash and waste logistics our team is the most knowledgeable group of professionals in the business.
TrashLogic is not a hauler. We are a team of waste professionals that can confidently say that no other company rivals our ability to
save you money and reduce waste at the same time. Our program was built to fix the holes in the process.

Lainika E. Johnson



Client Testimonials

Client #1

Trashlogic is great! I have not had any trash issues since they started. They are also very professional when approached or asked questions by residents.

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Client #2

Wonderful service! TrashLogic staff are visible and wearing identifying company logo. My Residents from both properties have commented on the cleanliness. We are starting the new year off right with this amazing service!

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Client #3

The service is great, consistent and efficient!!!

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Client #4

TrashLogic is doing great. They just called me the other day to check in and see if there was anything I needed, etc. Great decision to bring them on board.

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Client #5

I do feel like Trashlogic is working at my property. As you know I was having a big issues with the garbage and garbage area at my property before they started, and since the very first day I noticed a big difference.

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